Trees are an important part of our urban environment and provide many benefits including oxygen, temperature regulation, habitat and improving our quality of life. Trees need proper care to thrive in the urban environment. Our services will help your trees stay happy and healthy.

Routine/ Structural Pruning

Routine prunes are a great way to ensure that trees mainain their structural integrity and asthetic appeal. During a routine prune we perform an assessment of the tree to look for hazards and any signs of decay, disease, or pests. We then reduce any large branches so that the tree has a central upright leader, which helps maintain the overall shape of the tree. We remove dead and dying branches and any limbs that are rubbing against each other, which can open wounds in the bark. Routine prunes can also iclude clearing branches away from structures and landscaping, and thinning the crown for increased air flow and sunlight.

We recommend a routine prune every 2-3 years to keep trees healthy and strong. 

Crown Reductions​

The purpose of a crown reduction is to maintain or reduce the size of a tree, which can help lesson the chance of a major limb failure. A crown reduction is achieved by making reduction cuts on the outside of the crown with the focus to reduce the tallest and widest branches of the tree. 

Cabling and Bracing 

It is very common for certain types of trees to have two or more upright co-dominant stems. This occurs when branches grow too big and begin competing with the leader for dominance. Co-dominant stems often have weak branch attachments and compromise the structural integrity of the tree, as they have a higher chance of failure. Installing a cabling or bracing system secures stems together and helps to keep them from splitting.

Storm Damage 

Trees that have been damaged in storms can be restored or removed depending on the severity of the damage to the tree and your property. Typical storm damage includes broken branches, split unions, trunk damage, and uprooting. We can evaluate the damage to your tree and make recomendations based on the situation. S


We plant for 2 weeks in the spring, and 2 weeks during the fall. Planting costs include tree delivery, proper planting, mulching, and staking when needed. Our team can work with you to pick an appropriate type of tree for your needs, and teach you how to care for your new planting.


While we try to conserve as many trees as possible, we do perform removals as needed. Our crew uses the appropriate tools and equipment to remove trees safely and efficiently. 

Stump Grinding

After a tree is removed, having the stump ground out is ideal if you are planning to re-plant or landscape. Stumps are typically ground to about 12 inches below ground level, which gets rid of the root ball of the tree. After grinding, the hole is filled back in and packed down. Stump grinding includes getting locates on your property to avoid hitting underground gas or power lines.

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