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Help your trees survive the next big windstorm.

Keep your trees from splitting by reducing weaknesses and improving their structural integrity.  


Cabling and bracing for large limbs  

Your trees do more than provide your home with shade and privacy. They grow with you and your family, provide a home for birds and wildlife, sequester carbon, and release the oxygen we breathe. Sometimes your trees need a little help as they age.

It is prevalent for certain types of trees to have two or more upright co-dominant stems — this occurs when branches grow too big and begin competing with the leader for dominance. It’s a significant cause for concern. Co-dominant stems often have weak branch attachments and compromise the structural integrity of the tree, which leaves a higher chance of failure.

Give your trees a fighting chance by having our tree experts correctively prune your tree and if it fits then add a tree support system that works for your tree. 


Don’t put your life or those around you at risk!

Arborists have one of the most dangerous jobs in Canada. Cabling, bracing, storm clean-up, and pruning isn’t a DIY thing. Call in the pros! The crew at Brooklin Tree Care aren’t just professionally trained, they’re trainers for ISA Ontario, and they put safety first. 

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