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Brooklin Tree & Crane has removed hundreds of trees with our grapple-saw crane.

We operate a wireless, remote-control crane from the ground to bring your tree down, branch by branch, safely and efficiently. 


Our crane is wildly efficient at removing hazardous trees of all sizes. 

We grapple with trees.

The crane tool combines the features of a highly efficient, high-powered chainsaw with a vice-like grapple. The grapple tilts and rotates to lock onto the tree, even in hard-to-reach places, and then the chainsaw cuts through tree branches in seconds. Once the saw cuts the limb, the crane allows us to carefully place the branch on the ground, preventing property damage or injury to anyone below. 


Crane, bucket truck, or climbers?      

We have the best equipment for your job.

Our crane is perfect for most jobs, but there are a few limitations due to reach or physical obstacles. When you call with your request, we’ll ask you a few questions to see if your tree is a mechanical removal job for the crane or bucket truck, or if it’s better suited to our team of professional climbers and industrial athletes.

Are you in the tree care industry and looking to sub out our crane or bucket truck?

Brooklin Tree & Crane subs out our grapple-saw crane truck and bucket truck (with Mark Batty at the controls) to tree care businesses outside the Brooklin Tree Care service area.  Reach out for pricing and availability if you’re north of Uxbridge and Port Perry, east of Bowmanville and west of Pickering. 

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