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Routine and structural pruning for healthy and sturdy trees.

Brooklin Tree Care will handle all your routine and structural pruning, risk mitigation, hedge trimming and more! 


Routine pruning for healthy and sturdy trees

Good tree structure

Routine prunes are a great way to ensure that trees maintain their structural integrity and good looks. During a routine prune, we will do a full assessment of your trees to look for hazards and any signs of decay, disease, or pests.


We’ll reduce any large branches so that the tree has a central upright leader, which helps maintain the overall shape of the tree and keeps it happy and resilient. 

We remove dead and dying branches and any limbs that are rubbing against each other, which can open nasty wounds in the bark. Routine prunes can also include clearing branches away from your structures and landscaping and thinning the crown for increased airflow and sunlight — all the things your trees need. 

Tree health


Get the timing and frequency right!

We recommend a routine prune every 2-3 years to keep trees healthy and strong. For most trees, you can prune any time of the year, but winter is the best time to prune because branches are easy to see, diseases cannot be spread, and it reduces the stress on the tree. 

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