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Storm damage clean-up, tree removal, land clearing and stump grinding by local ISA Certified Arborists. 

Brooklin Tree Care will handle all of your storm clean-up, tree repair, and general maintenance like hedge trimming and routine pruning. 


Has a storm damaged your trees?    

Free Evaluation

High winds, lightning, and freezing rain can wreak havoc on your trees — and when your trees fall, there’s a significant risk of damage to your home, vehicles, and outbuildings. Give us a call, and we’ll evaluate the damage to your tree and make repair, removal, or pruning recommendations based on the situation. 

Safety and Care

Typical storm damage includes broken branches, split unions, trunk damage, and uprooting. With the help of our crane, specialty equipment, and heaps of tree knowledge, we’ll handle your storm clean up with the highest care. Worried your tree won’t make it through the next big storm? We can help with that too.


There are many ways to take down a tree. Our go-to is a grapple and chainsaw equipped crane.    


There’s more to it

There’s more to taking out a chainsaw, cutting a notch in the trunk of a tree, and yelling, “TIMBER” as the tree falls. Take everything you know about lumberjacks from Saturday morning cartoons and shelve it. When you have a tree that needs to come down, call in the pro’s.

Best removal practices

The crew of certified arborists at Brooklin Tree Care use cautious and highly advanced methods to remove trees safely and efficiently. From ropes and rigging to a remote-control crane and highly efficient ground operations, our tree experts bring professionalism and care to everything they do.


Learn more about our Crane and Tree Removal Equipment »

Storm clean-up, lot clearing, tree removal and stump grinding done right

Contact our tree care experts for a timely and accurate estimate for all of your tree removal needs. Not sure what kind of care your trees need? We’ll do an analysis and let you know what needs to be done.


Who wants an ugly stump?    

We’ll finish the job by grinding the stump away.

After a tree is removed, having the stump ground out is ideal if you are planning to re-plant or landscape. Stumps are typically ground to about 6 to 12 inches below ground level, which gets rid of the root ball of the tree. After grinding, the hole is filled back in and packed down.


Stump grinding includes getting locates on your property to avoid hitting underground gas or power lines.


Get our Pro's to make room to build on your lot.

Reduce risk and get 'er done quick.

We have the equipment and know-how to clear your lot efficiently and safely. 

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